Banana Suit Challenge

You’re Officially Challenged

Bummed we had to cancel this year’s challenge, but join us May 2021 for another round.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime?

We wanna change that.

So, next May, during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we’re challenging everyone we know (and some that we don’t) to wear banana suits with us.

Why a banana suit you ask? Because a banana is protected, you know, covered from head to toe…just like we should be.

Save the “Know Your Spots” infographic to the left or screenshot it from @sunbum and repost when we announce the start of next year’s challenge.

What To Do

 Wear a banana suit out in public, and take a photo or videoPost it on your Instagram page along with the “Know Your Spots” infographicUse #BananaSuitChallenge and #TrustTheBum in your post

*While supplies last. Shipping to U.S. residents only, but everyone around the world is welcome to join the challenge/contest if you already have a banana suit or can snag one.

Terms & Conditions


What’s Next

Pass the Banana Suit on to a friend or family member and challenge them to wear it somewhere for the cause.

Why Do It?

1. Because you can make a difference

2. Because we’ll stoke out the best photos/videos every week with social love and some Sun Bum swag

3. Because the best overall photo/video (from anywhere in the world) will receive one of every product we make, along with the much coveted, limited edition, Sun Bum Golden Banana

Banana Phobia or Just Too Cool?

No worries. You can always just make a donation to Protect The Groms, our non-profit that partners with elementary schools to provide sun care education and shade structures for the next generation.

Banana Suit Up