“Goo Goo Ga Ga” is for chumps.

We may be too young to catch a wave, but we’re not too young to create our own Baby Bum vocab based on our parents’ old school surf lingo. And, since we love to share, we thought we’d share ’em with you.

Our Glossary

Barney: Poop ("I think she has to barney.")


Beater: A toy that is all chewed up.


Blown Out: When you poop out the sides of your diaper 


Boogie Board: When you eat your own boogers because there's nothing else to do

Church: Watching the sunset (“Did you go to church tonight?”)


Clean Up Set: Wet Wipes


Close Out: When you poop, pee and vomit at the same time. Also known as “The Triple Crown.”

Ding: The soft “dented” spot on the top of your head. Don’t worry, it’ll fill in as you get older


Doggers: Baby shoes


Doosh: Your Dad if your Mom is always tired and crying


Dry Bag: Diaper


Duck Dive: Hiding in the bubbles of the bathtub so you don’t have to get out

Flip Flop: Getting passed between relatives 


Floater: Every poop you take until you’re older


Foamie: A bubble bath (“You wanna take a foamie tonight?”)

Hang Eleven: (Boys Only) Same as above, only naked


Hanging Loose: Swimming in the ocean or public pool without a swim diaper


Hipster: A baby with adult hair


HoDad: A Single Dad who uses you to flirt with chicks


Hot Dogging: Showing off at Grandma's 


Hurley: Vomiting (“Tommy was a little Hurley today.”)

Pipe: Pacifier


Pitted: Pregnant


Priority: You’ve got it every day, 24/7 Boarding planes, in restaurants and over your older siblings and Father

Turtle Roll: Rolling over onto your back

Wet Box: Shower


Wetsuit: Swim diaper


Wipeout: An empty box of Wet Wipes


Woodies: If you’re a boy you’ll get these for a number of years for absolutely no reason. If you’re a girl, thank God you don’t have one

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