San Clemente, California with Filipe Toledo

When we heard it was International Surfing Day we just had to pull off a Bum Rush. What better day than today to give a random local a $1k check & a cheap champagne shower?

After bagels and coffee at Bagel Shack, we checked a couple spots before we started the shenanigans.

Pulled up T-Street, saw some waves, and let the Bum Rush begin.

Fifteen minutes after Filipe sounds the horn someone wins a big fat thousand dollar check.

The Bum Rush Tour is a guerrilla style ambush surf contest for whoever’s in the water. No application. No qualifiers. No entry fee. Fifteen minutes after we sound the horn someone’s gonna get hoisted up the beach, doused with cheap champagne and go home with a big fat check. Play nice.

If you see a tent go up near you, get in the water.