Are Sun Bum Sunscreens Safe?

Yes, in all cases, Sun Bum follows the recommendations and guidelines set by the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF), the American Cancer Society (ACS), and the FDA. The Skin Cancer Foundation is internationally recognized as the educational leader to the public and medical communities related to skin cancer prevention. Sun Bum sunscreens are stringently tested, approved, and recommended by the SCF.

When we started developing our original formula in 2010 it seemed obvious that we would make an “all natural” product, first, because we care about protecting the environment, and second, we knew we would be slathering our products on our very own family and friends. We are NOT in this for the money, we are in it to protect ourselves and the ones we love. One in five of us will get skin cancer in our lifetime, (1 in 3 Caucasians). That said, as we did the yearlong research on the subject we found that a lot of the “natural” sunscreens sounded great but didn’t actually cover the sun’s critical wavelength (broad spectrum). The other research that sealed the deal for us was that although everyone wants a “natural” sunscreen, most of the reviews we read were customers complaining about the way the “natural” products felt on their skin (too thick, sticky, made them look ghostly, smelled bad, had to scrub it off, short shelf life, etc…). We knew if we were going to move the needle on skin cancer in our community, we would need to create a formula that our friends and family would actually want to use, and love the way it smelled, felt on their skin, went on and came off. So, we developed a formula with as few FDA and SCF approved chemicals as possible, to give us the feel, smell, and functionality we all wanted, and took out the rest.

Sun Bum uses a mix of organic and inorganic sunscreens as recommended by the FDA, SCF, and ACS, as opposed to the recommendations of non-scientific lobbyist groups. We based our decisions on real science, on how to best protect our friends and families from the FACT that someone in America dies every minute from skin cancer.

We totally respect, understand, and appreciate your concerns about sunscreen ingredients, and we know there is much debate, so we will continue to work hard to stay informed on new “scientific” findings from around the world.